Direct Payments give you the flexibility to control the support your child receives and something that, if needed, should be offered as an alternative to local authority-provided services. However, after the process of a needs assessment being carried out by social services to determine what your child’s care package will ‘look like’, and the subsequent application for direct payments it can be completely soul-destroying to be awarded them, only to be unable to find a suitable personal assistant (PA) to support your child.

This is, unfortunately all too common a scenario, yet one I am very pleased to be able to help you with! 

From PA distress to PA perfection, we aim to connect those looking for support with those individuals able to offer it.

If you are a support worker looking to help children and adults with additional needs, please sign up to our carer directory which will keep you up to date with all the available positions in your area.

Male Support Worker and Boy

If you are a parent looking to employ a support assistant for your child please contact us and not only will we pass your requirements to our care directory full of available support workers but also advertise the position for you.

Parents, please note – this service is a point of contact only, and as an employer, you are responsible for the necessary safeguarding checks, DBS, and references before any employment and contact with your child.