Sensory Compression Bed Sock


Sensory Compression Bed Sock


The Sensory Compression bed sock is a great sleeping aid giving deep pressure

If you/your children have a difficult time unwinding, relaxing, and calming their body for sleep, them these lyra bed socks could be just the thing to help!

When the lycra sock is stretched over the mattress, it creates a space that provides the body with a deep pressure that will calm and soothe an over-aroused, disorganized, or “fearful” nervous system.

Deep pressure can have wonderful results for those that are feeling anxious or over stimulated. Feeling secure inside the bed sock can in turn lower the heart rate, calm breathing, and promote a feeling of security, which can be especially helpful within the bedtime routine.



  • Always ensure that the child is comfortable and can breath freely.
  • Please use under adult supervision at all times.
  • Do not use as a restraint
  • Not recommended to let children sleep with their head inside the bed sock.
  • Whilst the lycra material is breathable it is not recommended to let children sleep with their head inside the bed sock.
  • Single fits a UK standard single mattress size. Approx.: 89x150cm
  • King fits a UK standard king mattress size. Approx.: 150x150cm
  • Blue



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