Ringed Flashcards



Ringed Flashcards

These ringed flashcards are perfect for reassuring people whether out and about or at home.

First, Next, Last Keyring:

Routines don’t stop once we leave the house so to keep continuity when out and about this portable keyring is ideal for letting your child know what is happening first next and last so helping lower anxieties.

Supplied with 1 x A6 first next last board on a springy keyring (please note colours may vary from one shown) with velcro on the back to store some of the day’s symbols or to put when finished symbols,

Comes with 30 x symbols and 5 x blanks to add your own details.

Out and About Keyring:

This is a must-have for when out and about so your child knows what is happening now, next, then, last.

It also helps you to understand how they are feeling, happy, sad, or angry.

This set also includes the toilet symbol so they can let you know they need the toilet and for you the reminder to wash their hands.

It also contains the traffic light symbols so when you’re out and about you can show them that something is finishing.

Ie, red finished, green go and orange getting ready to finish.

Supplied with 1 x fan on a keyring, please note colour may vary from one shown in the photo, 20 x symbols see photo for symbols supplied.

Extra symbols can be ordered just search custom symbols to use just set up before you go out using the symbols supplied and attach to your bag or belt loop.

I Must Remember to Bring Home from School Keyring

This I must remember to bring home from school keyring is a great tool to help your child remember what to bring home from school.

Just change the symbols to what they need to remember and attach to their school bag or belt loop.

Supplied with: 1 x keyring with 12 symbols,

Symbols size: 56mm x 56mm approx. Symbols include, lunch box, water bottle, coat, jumper, reading book, homework, PE kit, swimming bag plus 2 blanks to add your own details.


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