Chewigem Chewable Bracelet – Pink Camo

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Chewigem Chewable Bracelet – Pink Camo

Available in both childrens and adult size, the Tread Sensory Chew Bangle in pink camo is discreet design and stimmy texture that offer both style and functionality.

Crafted from safe, durable food-grade silicone, it aids in managing sensory processing issues and encourages calm and focus. Its unique features include:

– A discreet, stylish sensory support accessory for both adults and children

. – Made from safe, durable food-grade silicone.

– Assists with sensory processing issues, promoting calm and focus.

– Blends seamlessly with everyday attire

– Easy to clean, mould and bacteria resistant.

– Versatile, can be worn at work, school, or social events.

Experience the benefits of Chewigem chewable accessories with this sensory chew jewellery, a practical tool for those needing extra sensory support.

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