Chewbuddy Bangle – Single


Chewbuddy™ Bangle – Single

The Chewbuddy™ Bangle:

  • The Chewbuddy™ Bangle is suitable for mild to moderate chewers/ biters.
  • Provides a discreet and safe oral motor chewy for those who chew on cuffs or those that don’t like to wear something around their neck.
  • The Chewbuddy™ Bangle is perfect for mouthing and chewing with ridges and dimples for sensory feedback.
  • The gap in the bangle means it will fit over larger wrists and makes it easy to put on and remove – it will suit both children and adults alike.
  • Weights 15g so you could put 2-3 on a wrist to provide a bit of comforting weight – they look great too!
  • The chew measures 7cm across with the wrist “opening” measuring 5cm in diameter.
  • The hexagonal shape provides a large biting area and the nodules around the outside provide additional sensory input.
  • The Chewbuddy™ Bangle is available in 7 colours – Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, Green, Natural, Pink.


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